Hotels in Mae Hong Son (town), Thailand

Mae Hong Son

Thailand’s Remote Province

Called the valley of three mists, Mae Hong Son province is home to numerous hill-tribe villages and great adventure opportunities.

Mae Hong Son province is located in the remote West of Northern Thailand. The province borders Myanmar’s Shan state to the North and all along the west. The province’s total area is some 12,000 square kilometers, mostly mountainous and forest-covered, with a few flat valleys in which villages have developed. Rice paddies are cultivated in every valley.

From Chiang Mai by road it is a full day’s drive to cover the distance of 290 km (180 miles). The road is not a highway, but a long and scenic winding road, through the Pai and Soppong (Pang Ma Pha) districts. The 1095 road is probably one of the most scenic drives in Northern Thailand.

Driving south of Mae Hong Son, road 108 can bring you back to Chiang Mai passing through Mae Sarieng, another interesting district, close to the Burmese border in the west. The road 108 from Mae Hong Son to Chiangmai covers a distance of approximately 350 km (220 miles). An overnight stop in Mae Sarieng is recommended when doing this loop.

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    Mae Hong Son (town), Thailand

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